Chicago, IL Leech & Woolman's Distillery Fire, Feb 1873

The Burned Chicago Distillery.

CHICAGO, Ill., Feb. 22.----Messrs. Leech & Woolman's distillery at the Union Stock Yards, which took fire last night, was completely destroyed, together with all the machinery and about 1,500 barrels of high-wines. The total loss is estimated at $50,000. The amount of insurance is unknown, but is said to be light. A number of buildings near the distillery, including a warehouse and boarding-house, and several small frame structures, were also burned, involving a loss of $20,000. Some 1,200 head of Texas cattle were in the sheds near the distillery. The roofs of the sheds took fire, and it was found necessary to let the cattle out, and doubtless many of whom will never be recovered.

The New York Times, New York, NY 23 Feb 1873