Elgin, IL Interurban Wreck, Jul 1902


Elgin, Ill., Trolley Car Goes Into the Fox River

Elgin, Ill., July 1. -- One of the large inter-urban trolley cars running between Elgin and Aurora plunged through the bridge crossing the Fox river at St. Charles today, carrying its load of 30 passengers into the river. The bridge collapsed from the weight of the car. No one was killed, but all were more or less hurt or suffered from the shock. Seriously injured:

MRS. WILLIAM H. HENCH, Dundee; head bruised and injured internally
MRS. CHARLES J. SMITH, Chicago; injured internally
MRS. HOPKINS, Muscatine, Iowa; bruised
MRS. JOHNSON, St. Charles; back hurt
MRS. GRANGER, Geneva; bruised and severely shocked.

The bridge had been considered unsafe for a month, and the authorities were contemplating soon replacing it.

Idaho Daily Statesman, Boise City, ID 2 Jul 1902