Tazewell County, IL Tornado, Jul 1897

Malone Township

On Friday, July 30, 1897, at about 7 o’clock P. M., a tornado struck and crushed the residence of Supervisor H. C. McDowell, in this township, killing Mr. H. C., and a nephew, H. E. McDowell, Mrs. Samuel Brownlee and two children, and Miss Jessie Groves, and injuring Mrs. H. C. McDowell, Charles and Mary, son and daughter. Among the unprecedented features of this tornado was the driving of wheat Straws, like nails, into trees; stripping feathers from chickens; tearing eyes out of horses; lifting a drove of sheep, which were carried to "parts unknown." This was the most destructive and death-dealing storm that has ever visited Tazewell County.

Souvenir of early and notable events in the history of the North West Territory, Illinois and Tazewell County : including the names of those who have served the county in various official capacities 1916