Mount Morris, IL Tornado, Jun 1874

Tornado. -- At 5 o'clock on the morning of June 8, 1874, Mount Morris was visited by a tornado, which, for severity, has never been equaled in this vicinity. It came from the southeast, and apparently spent its force mainly in town. The barn and slaughter house of S. Mumma, together with two buggies, etc., were entirely destroyed. Mr. S. Redfield's dwelling was moved ten or fifteen feet from its foundation, and generally wrecked, while the family were in it. Mr. L. S. Walker's cottage and stable were very much damaged. The fences throughout the track of the tornado were generally destroyed. Mrs. McKean's dwelling was unroofed and otherwise damaged. The houses of Peter Glascow, Mr. Withers and others were badly damaged. Mrs. Elizabeth McCoy's residence was unroofed and outhouses demolished. Elijah Lott's dwelling was neatly unroofed. The west half of the new Seminary building was unroofed, and the gable was somewhat injured. Fruit and Shade trees in the course of the tornado were generally demolished, and much other damage was done in various parts of the town.

The History of Ogle County, IL 1878, page 550