Danville, IL Train - Auto Wreck, Jun 1916

Florida Flyer Wrecked When It Hits Auto

Driver Of Machine Killed-Engineer And Firemen Hurt-Seven Cars Leave Track

Nine Bodies Recovered

Four Known to be Missing in Greene, Ia., Wreck-All But One Drowned-Drag Creek

Danville, Ill., June 3.-The north bound Florida-Chicago Limited one train on the Chicago and Eastern Illinois railroad, was wrecked this afternoon when it struck an automobile driven by HARPER DANIELS of this city at a crossing near Bismarck. The engine, baggage and mail cars and two passenger coaches left the rails and tore up the track for several hundred yards, but the steel coaches prevented a loss of life.

DANIELS was killed, and mangled beyond recognition. The engineer and firemen were badly hurt.

The Aberdeen Daily American, Aberdeen, SD 4 Jun 1916