Virginia, IL Tornado Strikes, Nov 1911

The Rebuilt Methodist Church


Springfield, Ill., Nov. 11. -- A tornado swooped down upon Virginia, Ill., at 4:30 o'clock this afternoon, dealing destruction right and left and leaving ruin in its wake. A score or persons were seriously injured, while the town was completely wrecked. Many had miraculous escapes, but none were killed.
The most seriously injured were EARL WHITTAKER, the little son of WILLIAM WHITTAKER; A. D. FRENCH and OTIS MIDDLETON. The WHITTAKER boy was the most seriously injured, being caught between the wreckage of the WHITTAKER home, which was demolished.
The storm swept with terrific force through the center of the town, not a business building or residence that lay in its path escaping damage.
A drenching rain followed the violent wind and tonight the town is in total darkness.
All the telephone and telegraph service is cut off with the exception of one wire, which is giving interrupted service.
The principal buildings which were the most seriously damaged werer:
MANN hotel, opera house, city hall, POLLARD building and the Catholic and Methodist churches.
Many persons, when the storm came upon them, took refuge in the Methodist church. This building was crushed by the storm and many in it were injured.

Anaconda Standard Montana 1911-11-12