Indianapolis, IN Horse & Wagon Accident, July 1913


Drove Team of Horses Into A Canal -- One Woman Dead And One Missing.

Indianapolis, July 14 -- One woman is known to have been drowned and the police are still searching for the body of a second, supposed to be lying at the bottom of the Wabash Street canal, as the result of an early morning joy ride in a cab taken by the two women and two men friends.
The dead woman, LOTTIE RAYMOND, and the missing, LUELLA BELL, in company with W. D. STEWART, a saloonkeeper and CORDIE NYE, a restaurant proprietor were returning from Riverside Park. Unfamiliar with the neighborhood, they drove the horse into the canal, throwing the entire party in the water. The women sank at once. NYE rescued STEWART by throwing him his coat which STEWART grasped and with which NYE hauled him to safety. The police drag soon brought up the body of the RAYMOND woman but as yet has failed to recover the body of her companion.
With the recovery of the body of LUELLA BELL from the Wabash street canal today was revealed the fact that the two dead women were sisters. MARY BELL had been known in Indianapolis as LOTTIE RAYMOND. NYE and STEWART, the women's companions have been sent to the city prison for further examination.

Lima Daily News Ohio 1913-07-14