Elwood, IN Gas Explosion, Feb 1895


Wrecks a New Block at Elwood, Ind., and Injures Three Persons.

ELWOOD, Ind., Feb. 14 – A fearful natural gas explosion occurred in this city at a very early hour yesterday morning, entirely wrecking the central portion of the new block occupied by the city officers, seriously injuring three men and causing about $10,000 damage. The explosion was the result of a leak in the gas mains under the building.

The gas was ignited by a stove in the office of the A.G. Tebbs’ fruit store, where the force of the explosion was greatest. Three men, who were in this room, were hurled into the street, amid the crashing of plate glass and fruit boxes, and were seriously injured.

A.G. Tebbs and J.M. Graham, proprietors of the store, were badly bruised but will recover. David Miller had his right leg broken in two places and was buried in the wreckage. The loss to the stores will amount to $5,000. The city offices were badly wrecked, as they were on the second floor over the fruit store.

The force of the explosion was so great that houses a dozen blocks away were shaked to their foundations.

Daily Republican, Decatur, IL 14 Feb 1895