Indianapolis, IN Prestolite Gas Pumping Station Explosion, Jun 1908


Shake the City of Indianapolis This Morning.


Lets Go for the Third Time This Year.

The Reports of Four Explosions Following Each Other Quickly and Are Heard All Over the City – Entire Fire Department Is Called Out, but Water Is Not Thrown for Fear of Making Deadly Gasses.

Indianapolis, Ind., June 6. – Eleven persons were hurt, several seriously when the Prestolite gas pumping station, adjacent to St. Vincent’s hospital, blew up today, wrecking one side of the hospital and demolishing a fire-house next door. The injured were members of the fire department, who were caught in the wreck of the engine-house.

There were four distinct explosions when the pumping plant blew up. The plant was completely demolished and the debris took fire. The iron roof of the pumping plant was blown against one side of the St. Vincent’s hospital and demolished a portion of the hospital. There were 100 patients in the hospital at the time and several deaths as the result of the shock are feared.

A large gas tank was hurled high in the air and came down on the engine-house next door to the hospital wrecking the building. It was here the firemen were caught.

The injured are: LIEUTENANT FOULLOIS, of the fire department; WILLIAM STEINHAUS, of the fire department; OTTO HOFFMEISTER, employe at the factory; JOHN VAN GARDEN, employe at factory; WILLIAM HUTCHINSON, ALBRINK HURST, patient in hospital, NELLIE CONNELL, employe of St. Vincent’s; LIZZIE RYAN, employe of St. Vincent’s; JACOB DEMMERL, employe of St. Vincent’s; SISTER CEPHAS, of hospital staff; LENA DAWLER, hospital employee.

The explosion broke windows and shook buildings all over the city. Every window in St. Vincent’s hospital was broken.

This is the third explosion at this plant in a year. Today’s explosion was the worst of the three.

The Marion Daily Star, Marion, OH 6 Jun 1908