Illinois and Indiana Tornado, Apr 1912




Storm Sweeps Territory Over Hundred Miles Wide, Damage Enormous.


Certain Many are Dead and Scores Hurt in Many Parts of Illinois and Indiana.

By United Press.
St. Louis, April 22 - As telegraphic and telephone communication is restored with the the[sic] tornado swept districts of Illinois and Indiana the number of deaths is increasing.

The storm, which occurred Sunday afternoon, swept thro[sic] south Central Illinois and into Indiana, spreading death and destruction in its wake.

The greatest loss of life was at Bushnell, Ill., where it is believed between twenty and thirty are killed and nearly a hundred injured, some of whom will die. In other towns and in the country outside, there are many others dead and injured, while the loss of property will run into the millions.

Six are reported dead at Murphysbury, and seven at Willowsville.

It is the thought the total death toll of the storm will be nearly a hundred.
Morocco, Ind., April 22 - Nine persons are dead and twenty injured in the tornado swept district near hear[sic] and the property damage will reach half a million dollars. Seven members of the family of CHAS. WRIGHT are dead, and WRIGHT himself is dying.

Rips Roof Off Building
Bloomington, Ill., April 22 - A cyclone passed over Chadworths, forty miles northeast of here on the Illinois Central at 5:30 yesterday afternoon. Many buildings in the city were unroofed and store fronts blown in. In the country the farm houses and out-buildings are reported demolished. Telephone wires are down. No loss of life had been reported. At Odell, fifty miles north on the Chicago and Alton all wires are down.

The storm swerved northwest of Odell and swept a path about eighty rods wide, demolishing practically everything in its path.

Four Killed at Morocco
Morocco, Ind., April 22 - A cyclone, which wiped out everything in its path skirted this town last evening, moving from the northeast. The storm did immense damage in the neighborhood of Morocco, killing four persons, injuring many, and destroying farm buildings. It is reported that at least a score of farm buildings have been razed by the storm. All telephone and telegraph lines were down and all communication with the outside world was cut off for several hours.

Tornado Strikes Macon.
Macon, Ill., April 22 - A tornado one-half mile wide destroyed two houses belonging to W. GARRISH and C. BALL here yesterday. MICHAEL CASHION was injured about the body and arms when his house was torn from the foundation. WILLIAM HARPER'S family was left on an open floor when the storm tore their farm dwelling from its base and hurled it several hundred yards away. Macon is seventy miles southwest of Chicago.

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