Indianapolis, IN Wheel Company Fire, Mar 1873


Indianapolis, Ind., March 12. -- About 11 o'clock last night a fire was discovered in the WOODBURN SARVEN Wheel Company's buildings, in this city. The whole rear part of the building was soon enveloped in flames, and continued burning fiercely until about 1 o'clock this morning, when the fire was got under control. The loss is estimated at $100,000, fully covered by insurance in the following companies:
Hartford, $5,000.
Amazon, $5,000.
Citizens of Virginia, $1,750.
Etna, of Virginia, $1,750.
German, of Virginia, $1,750.
Aurora, of Cincinnati, $1,000.
Franklin, of Indianapolis, $1,000.
American Central, $2,500.
Franklin, of Philadelphia, $3,000.
Orient, $2,000.
Union, of Maine, $2,500.
Allemania, $2,500.
Phoenix, $6,000.
Queen, $5,000.
Westchester, $2,500.
Firemen's Fund, $2,500.
Liverpool, London and Globe, $2,500.
German American, $2,500.
Bangor, $1,000.
Penn, $1,000.
Star, $2,000.
Royal, $5,000.
Northwestern National, $2,500.
State of Missouri, $3,000.
Brewers', $2,500.
St. Paul, $2,500.
Hibernia, of New York, $1,500.
Hoffman, $2,000.
America, $3,000.
Fairfield County, $2,500.
Buffalo, German, $1,000.
German, of Erie, $1,500.
Home of Columbus, $2,500.
Commercial Union, $2,500.
Underwriters', $2,500.
Black River, $1,500.
People's, of New Jersey, $2,500.
At 12 1/2 o'clock Chief Engineer DANIEL GLAZIER entered a window on the second story, and while in the act of giving orders, the brick wall fell, burying him beneath the debris. He was rescued as speedily as possible, but he only lived a few minutes.

The New York Times New York 1873-03-13