Farmersburg, IN Bus Accident, Aug 1949


Farmersburg, Ind. (UP) -- An inter-city bus rammed broadside into a truck careening out of control on a slippery pavement yesterday, killing the truck driver and his step-son.
The accident occurred only 45 miles from the point where a Greyhound bus hit a bridge abutment and burst into flames five days ago, killing 16 persons.
The injured included JOHN SELBY, 26, Princeton, Ind., driver of an Arrow Coach Lines Co., bus, and eight passengers traveling toward Terre Haute on U.S. 41.
HENRY C. HALL, 50, Linton, Ind., was killed, and his 16-year-old step-son, BILLY McLAUGHLIN, died several hours later of injuries.
The injured were taken to hospitals at Sullivan and Terre Haute.
An estimated four to six passengers on the bus were uninjured, Indiana state police reported.
Police said the accident happened at the edge of Farmersburg when HILL'S truck slipped off the highway and skidded out of control in the path of the bus as the driver tried to get back on the pavement.
SELBY told authorities he swerved off the highway in an effort to miss the truck but was unable to avoid a collision.

Logansport Pharos-Tribune Indiana 1949-08-16