Winslow, IN Fire, Nov 1890


Winslow, Indiana, the Unfortunate Town

Four Hundred People Without A Roof To Cover Them.

Wiped out by fire

Petersburg, Ind., Nov. 7. A terrible conflagration occurred at Winslow, Pike county, this morning. The whole town was wiped out of existence. The houses were all frame structures, and the fire spread with such rapidity that all efforts of the people to extinguish it proved unavailing. Not a house is left standing and 400 persons are left homeless. There is no fire department, and no provision was made for the sudden coming of such a calamity. How the fire originated is not ascertained, but is supposed to have been caused by a defective flue. There will be much suffering among the people.

Idaho Daily Statesman, Boise, ID 8 Nov 1890



An Indiana Town Destroyed by the Fire Fiend.

Petersburg, Ind., Nov 7. Winslow, a town of four hundred inhabitants, in this (Pike) county was completely wiped out by fire this morning.

The Fort Wayne Sentinel, Fort Wayne, In 7 Nov 1890