Bicknell, IN Storm, Jul 1915

One Reported Killed.

Barn Destroyed in Which Farmer Near Bicknell Takes Refuge.

Bicknell, Ind., July 7.—One of the worst storms struck this city this evening about 7 o’clock, causing several thousand dollars’ damage and seriously injuring several persons. The storm lasted almost two hours and uprooted trees, unroofed houses and tore down signs. It was accompanied by torrents of rain. The glass front of the A. G. Craig jewelry store was blown in, causing a heavy loss. The skating rink of DAVID JONES was completely ruined, causing several hundred dollars’ damage. A large barn of ROY CHAMBERS, in which he had sought shelter, was blown down. It is reported that Chambers was killed. His house was unroofed, seriously injuring his wife. The town of Bruceville, seven miles east of this city, was almost destroyed. Telephone communication in and out of the city is entirely cut off.

The Indianapolis Star, Indianapolis, IN 8 Jul 1915