Fort Wayne, IN Railroad Yard Accident, May 1899


Eugene Oberchain, a Nickel Plate brakeman, was instantly killed last evening at 7 o’clock, in the west yards. He was on freight train No. 35, which was doing some switching in the yards. He attempted to board a refrigerator car at the end and fell under the wheels. His head was crushed into an indistinguishable mass. The body was very badly disfigured. DRS. DINNEN and CALVIN were quickly on the scene, but the victim of the unfortunate accident had not lived a moment after he fell.

The body was taken to Peltier’s morgue.

Eugene Oberchain was a native of South Whitley, but had been boarding at No. 71 Boone street, in this city, for some time. He was 24 years old and unmarried. His father and mother, MR. and MRS. ALBERT OBERCHAIN, reside at South Whitley. They were notified of their son’s death, and came to this city this morning. Mr. Oberchain had been in the employ of the Nickel Plate company for six years. He has a brother who is a brakeman on the Pennsylvania, and was also a brother-in-law to MR. ED STERLING, of the Aldine barber shop.

Fort Wayne News, Fort Wayne, IN 15 May 1899