Fort Wayne, IN Area Tornado, Mar 1920 - Fort Wayne Boy in Storm

Fort Wayne Boy In Storm

Four-Year-Old Son of C.H. SEAMAN, at Townley, Unhurt.

While no Fort Wayne people were injured in the tornado which swept this section of the state Sunday, NORMAN SEAMAN, the young son of C.H. SEAMAN, 1303 Pontiac Street, had the experience of going through the storm at Townley, one of the towns where the blow struck the hardest. The lad was saved from serious injury and death only because he was rushed to a cellar in time to avoid the storm. In the tornado, however, the lad’s grandfather, AUGUST FLUTTEROW, was killed.

The lad had recently been taken to Townley for a visit with his grandfather, while Mr. and Mrs. SEAMAN had returned to Fort Wayne yesterday. When hews of the tornado and the havoc it had caused at Townley reached this city, the parents of the child feared that he might have been one of the victims of the storm. All means of communication with the village were broken, and early this morning Mr. and Mrs. SEAMAN hurried to the grief stricken Flutterow home, happy to find their child safe but mourning the loss of his grandfather.

Mr. and Mrs. SEAMAN and their son returned to Fort Wayne this afternoon.

The Fort Wayne News And Sentinel, Fort Wayne, IN 29 Mar 1920