Jeffersonville, IN Company Plane Crash, May 1956



Jeffersonville, Ind. (AP) -- Six executives of a Chicago business firm and two crew members were killed Tuesday when a twin-engine company plane crashed on an Indiana farm while attempting an emergency landing.
The plane literally buried itself in muddy land.
State police said there was a remote possibility that a ninth body was buried underneath the wreckage.
An official passenger list, however, gave the names of only eight people.
Eleven minutes out of Louisville's Standiford Field, the pilot made routine radio contact with the tower, giving no indication of trouble.
A private pilot, JOHN VISSING, had telephoned police before the crash that a plane was in trouble and circling for an emergency landing.
Six of the victims were executives of the Crane Co. of Chicago, on their way to Louisville to attend a convention of the Heating, Piping and Air Conditioners National Assn. The other two were crewmen.
The company identified them as:
J. A. McMURRY, director of branches.
J. A. DWYER, vice president.
GEORGE L. ERWIN, vice president.
CHARLES E. TOWNER, assistant to the vice president in charge of heating.
G. G. LINDHOLM, a departmental manager.
FRED J. WILKEY, special representative.
ROBERT ROBINETTE, co-pilot and son-in-law of MULHERIN.
A light rain was falling but visibility was good.
The plane barely missed one farm house before it clipped the top of the trees and plunged nose-down into an open field, surrounded by several houses. The wreckage was almost directly under the tops of two sheared trees.
Witnesses said there was a "terrible explosion" when the plane hit. There was no fire.
MRS. SARAH CAIN said she heard the plane hit and that she and her husband ran out of their farm house, about 150 yards from the scene, "to see if we could pull anyone out."
But when they got there, she said, "There wasn't anyone to pull out."

Logansport Press Indiana 1956-05-16


Copy of NTSB Report

There is a PDF file link at the bottom of this page that has the NTSB report on it.


May 1956 plane crash, Jeffersonville IN

The sermon referenced by the previous comment poster was actually preached by Brother Branham at the Lane Tech High School auditorium in Chicago, IL on September 30, 1956. (not 1958).
The title of the message is "Hear Ye Him" and it is cataloged as sermon # 56-0930 . It can be downloaded or streamed from various sites online including

I found this page because I

I found this page because I was reading on a preaching from Sept 30
1958 where a preacher called William Marrion Branham talks about this event

and this is what he said on that preaching held in Jeffersonville , Sept 30 1958

"A few days ago ... or, a few weeks ago [Years], when I helped pull eight Chicago men out of the airplane wrecked behind my house, piece of arm, and intestines hanging on the trees, and head laying out in the field, I thought then that men ought.... “Have I preached Chicago hard enough? Have I done everything? Has them men sat in my ministry ... under my ministry? Have I preached Christ to those poor souls that met eternity in a moment's time on their way to a convention? Did I ever have the opportunity when I seen them pull the pieces of the men from place to place? Did they know the Lord Jesus?” Where they are now they can never go from that state they're in now"

It is striking. I don t believe he is being unrespectfull but just telling the facts as he saw ´em

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Crane Co. airplane crash of 1956

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Crane Co. airplane crash of 1956

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1956 air crash

Hi. My wife, Lynne Towner, was the daughter of Charles Towner, who died in the crash.

I had a copy of the FAA report, & can no longer locate it.

I would like to obain a copy of it.

Please advise.


Plane crash 1956

I was the only eye wittness to this crash. If you would like more info please contact me at