Indiana, Twelve Mile Auto Pedestrian Accident. Jun. 1923

Indiana, Twelve Mile Auto Pedestrian Accident. Jun. 1923

Five Run Down On Their Way From Church

Twelve Mile Party Struck by Auto Running Without Any Lights Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Wilson OXLEY, Mrs. G. L. FILBY and two daughters of Mrs. Mae FIDLER were run down and seriously injured by an automobile driven by Noah SULLIVAN near Twelve Mile, Sunday night. SULLIVAN is said to have been operating the car without any lights burning.

The persons injured were returning to their homes after attending the children’s entertainment at the U. B. church at Twelve Mile. They were walking along the side of the road and were near their homes about a half mile from the church.

Mrs. OXLEY was the most seriously hurt. She was thrown against the radiator of the car and was badly cut and bruised. Mr. OXLEY was cut about the head. Mrs. FILBEY sustained a bruised back and cuts. Elaine FIDLER sustained a crushed elbow and was cut about the face. Her sister was also injured. Dr. MILLER of Twelve Mile was called and rendered first aid treatment.

SULLIVAN is said to have been following a car ahead of him and trying to keep up with it so that he could be guided by the light from the car ahead. He was behind some distance and got off the road, running into the party walking.

Logansport Pharos Tribune, Logansport, IN 4 Jun 1923