Idaville, IN Youth Falls From Truck: Killed, July 1941

A tragic accident occurred about two and a half miles north of Idaville yesterday afternoon at 3:10 P.M., when RAY MURL SUITER, 13 years old son of Mr. and Mrs. RUSSELL SUITER of Idaville, accidentally fell from a moving truck and was killed instantly. The lad was riding on a gravel truck driven by RAYMOND ZARSE, of Idaville, a neighbor of the Suiter family, living just across the street from them. Ray was sitting on the frame of the truck, where there is a small space between the cab and the dump bed. He was riding on the right side. In some manner he lost his balance and fell on his head from the moving vehicle. It was thought a rear wheel of the truck passed over him or that he was caught in the rear housing under the truck. His neck was broken and he was crushed internally about the neck and chest.
The body of the lad was carried to the home of Mr. and Mrs WILLIAM BRYAN, nearby where the accident happened, but death had already occurred. The body was removed to the Miller Funeral Home in Idaville. Sheriff VERLIE CONNELL, Deputy LAWRENCE KRAUD and WAYNE HOUSER of Monon, investigated the accident.
The Idaville boy had accompanied Mr. and Mrs. Suiter and their two daughters on the truck to the woods at the ROBERT TIPTON home on the Fisher farm just north of Idaville. They had secured a load of old wire in the woods and were en route south back to Idaville with their load. Mr. Zarse and daughters were riding in the cab and Mrs Zarse and Ray on the iron frame back of the cab, one on each side. They had driven out of the lane at the Tipton home and traveled about a quarter mile south on the blacktop road, when the youth slipped from his seat and fell under the moving truck. The accident occurred about 50 feet north of the WILLIAM BRYAN House.