Fort Wayne, IN Cannon Accident, Nov 1896


James Luddington's Serious Mishap During the Ratification Last Night.


The most serious accident last night was the mishap which befell James A. Luddington, a well-known Pennsylvania machinist, a veteran soldier and an enthusiastic republican. Last evening he and his two sons carted a small cannon which Mr. Luddington made himself, to the corner of Baur and Washington streets. He fired the little giant several times successfully, but it refused to explode as the parade was passing and he started to ram the charge of powder in a second time. Just as he did so the cannon exploded with terrific force. Mr. Luddington's left hand was over the muzzle. The fingers and palm of the hand were literally blown away. The thumb hung by a shred, and the bone was so badly shattered that amputation of the entire hand was necessary. The unfortunate man was hurried to Rehling & Bischoff's drug store where Drs. Morgan and Geo. C. Stemen dressed the injuries and removed the sufferer to Hope hospital. The hand was amputated at the wrist. The patient bore the pain with much fortitude and directed the surgeons in their work. His home is on Hugh street. He will remain at the hospital for several days. He is a member of the Pennsylvania relief department and will doubtless be given a new position which he can fill successfully upon his ultimate recovery. He has the sympathy of a host of friends.

Fort Wayne News, Fort Wayne, IN 13 Nov 1896