Clay Pool, IN Sawmill Boiler Explosion, Dec 1883


ANDERSON, Ind., Dec. 10--This morning about 10 o'clock the boiler in Shipley Brothers' saw mill at Clay Pool, Ind., exploded, completely wrecking the building. John Haddix, the engineer, was instantly killed, his head and arm being torn from his body. Harris Ramsey had one leg torn off and received such injuries about the head and back that he cannot possibly live. William Bloom, another workman, had a large slice of flesh torn from his left side, exposing his heart and lungs. He cannot live till morning. The large mill is torn in fragments. Some of the timbers were thrown 500 yards. Haddix lived about a mile east at Mount Pleasant. He was 45 years of age and leaves a family of five children in needy circumstances. Ramsey was also married, and leaves a large family in poor circumstances. The excitement is so great that the cause of the accident cannot be learned. Shipley Brothers' loss is fully $10,000.

The New York Times, New York, NY 11 Dec 1883