Brazil, IN Two Brothers Killed By Train, Oct 1901


Brazil, Ind., Oct. 25 -- The west-bound Vandalia passenger struck JOHN and GEORGE JOHNSON at this city last evening, instantly killing both of them. The train was about forty-five minutes late and was running at a rate of fifty miles an hour when the boys were struck. The two boys had been loitering around the corner of Alabama street near the county jail all day long and at the time they were killed were walking east on the main track of the Vandalia railroad. Engineer OSTERMILLER said that the two boys were walking toward his engine with their heads down. He blew the whistle, and the raised their heads and stepped off the track to the south onto a side track, but, seeing a freight train approaching from the west on that track, they started to recross the main track, when the engine struck them. The bodies were hurled a distance of thirty yards each on opposite sides of the track. Engineer OSTERMILLER at once brought his train to a stop and the bodies were picked up. Both were crushed badly. The younger brother had every bone in his body broken and a large hole in his head. The other boy's head was crushed into a shapeless mass. The boys were the sons of MRS. MARGARET JOHNSON, of Donaldsonville, and were nineteen and seventeen years of age respectively.

The Fort Wayne News Indiana 1901-10-25