Fort Wayne, IN Street Car Accident, Jul 1894

Motorman Kleinrechert Thrown on His Head---Miss Hedekin Injured--- Other Accidents.

Yesterday, collisions seemed to be in the air, and a half dozen were reported before midnight. None of them, however, were serious, and not fatalities will result. Yesterday afternoon, at the corner of Wells and First streets, A Hanna street line electric car was rounding the curve just as a heavy truck from the Ryan Trucking company came down First street. The two met at the corner with a crash. One of the horses was knocked down and the motorman, Lawrence Kleinrichert, was thrown clean over the hoses, lighting on the back of his head. The man had turned the brake and set the reserve before the collision came and showed great presence of mind. Kleinrichert was picked up by Conductor Anderson in an unconscious condition. A surgeon sewed up the wound in the back of his head and he was taken to his home on Wall street where, last night, he was resting more easily.

The Fort Wayne Gazette, Fort Wayne, IN 24 Jul 1894