Liverpool, IN Train Accident, Nov 1894


Brakeman Bonner Ground Under a Freight Train.

W. H. Bonner, a Pennsylvania brakeman, met with a horrible accident this morning at Liverpool, O. He was on the first section of freight train No. 73, westbound, and when the accident occurred was assisting in switching cars into the siding at Liverpool. He slipped and fell some way and his left leg was under the wheels. The limb was crushed in a horrible manner from the foot almost to the hip. An operation was necessary, and the surgeons amputated the leg just below the hip joint. Bonner lives at 118 Smith street, in this city, and is a single man 25 years of age.

Fort Wayne News, Fort Wayne, IN 5 Nov 1894


W. H. Bonner, the Pennsylvania brakeman who lost his leg at Liverpool, O., yesterday, was brought to this city this afternoon and taken to St. Joseph's hospital.

Fort Wayne News, Fort Wayne, IN 6 Nov 1894



W. H. Bonner Dies From the Effects of an Accident.


W. H. Bonner, the Pennsylvania brakeman who had his leg crushed at Liverpool Monday and was brought to St. Joseph hospital yesterday noon, as detailed in the NEWS, died last night at 6 o'clock. The remains were taken to the residence of Mr. O. Owens, at 227 East Creighton avenue, this morning.

Fort Wayne News, Fort Wayne, IN 8 Nov 1894