Fort Wayne, IN Street Car Accident, Nov 1894


Herbert C. Buck Badly Injured--P. J. Sommers Killed--Accidents.

Herbert C. Buck, an expressman for the U. S. Express company, met with a severe accident this morning on Calhoun street near Jefferson. He drove out of the alley in the rear of Carnahan & Co.'s wholesale shoe house and was seated in his enclosed express wagon. Just as his horse reached the street car tracks, he stuck his head out into the storm to see where the street cars were. The crash came instantly. Buck's head was bruised and the wagon was partially wrecked. The injured man was carried to the express office in an unconscious condition suffering from concussion of the brain and internal injuries. The blow upon the head was a fearful one and it will be several days before the victim will recover from the shock. He was delirious when removed to the home of his parents on West Jefferson street.

Fort Wayne News, Fort Wayne, IN 8 Nov 1894