Fort Wayne, IN Killian Baker Saw Mill Fire, Nov 1894

With A Torch.

The Killian Baker Saw Mill is Set on Fire.

Firebug Discovered

He Poured Oil Around the Old Engine Room.

The Mill Destroyed

It Was the Oldest in Indiana---No Insurance.

This morning at 5:50 o’clock an incendiary was seen in the act of applying the torch to the Killian Baker saw mill, at the east end of Superior street, along the Nickel Plate tracks.

A Nickel Plate switchman on duty at the side tracks near the mill in the darkness saw a man pouring oil or some other fluid over some boards in the engine room. He yelled at the fiend, but could no leave his switch, as a freight train was just coming in from the east. After the train passed the switch the brakeman turned around and beheld the entire roof of the engine room in the rear of the saw mill in a sheet of flames. An alarm of fire was sounded in a few moments.

When the department arrived the old two-story building was doomed. Flames shot high in the air, and efforts of the firemen were directed to preventing a spread of the flames to surrounding buildings and also to save some of the machinery.

Half an hour after the department was summoned the old saw mill building was in ruins, but part of the machinery and the engine were saved from total destruction.

The mill proper was one of the old land marks of Allen County and was possibly the oldest saw mill in the northern part of Indiana. Its owner, Killian Baker, is one of the oldest business men of Fort Wayne. Hiss loss is estimated at $2,000, with no insurance. He says that the mill will be rebuilt in a few weeks ready for business. He says that the fire was of incendiary origin. The [illegible] at the mill who fed the [illegible] 5 o’clock, returned to his home near the lumber yard, for breakfast, and on the way past the mill he noticed a stranger sitting on a log, but paid no attention to him. A few minutes later the alarm of fire was turned in.

Fort Wayne News, Fort Wayne, IN 8 Nov 1894