Fort Wayne, IN Barn Fire, Nov 1894


Henry C. McMakin Sustains a Very Heavy Loss.


Four Horses, Barn, Farm Machinery and Hay in Ashes.


No One Was Near the Barn at the Time.

A very destructive fire occurred yesterday noon on the farm of Henry C. McMakin, a few miles southwest of the city in Wayne township.

Early yesterday morning he drove to the city on business, and returned to his home about 1 o'clock. His horses were put up in the barn and the vehicle was placed in the shed. When Mr. McMakin left the barn nothing unusual was noticed around the premises. Just before dinner one of the farmer's daughters looked out toward the barn and saw flames leaped from the roof. No time was lost in reaching the burning building. Efforts were directed to saving the four horses in the stable. Mr. McMakin rushed to the stable door and attempted to liberate the horses from their stalls. In doing so his face and hands were blistered, so hot were the flames. He was compelled to retire for his own safety and his four valuable farm horses were roasted alive before his eyes. The animals reeled and plunged in the fiery furnace and while suffering the horrible tortures dropped over exhausted and burned to death.

The barn with forty tons of hay, all the farm machinery, harness and stable accessories was reduced to ashes in a very short time after the fire was discovered. Nothing was saved from the building. The loss will amount to over $2,000 with no insurance. The policy on the barn expired only a few days ago and Mr. McMakin was not informed of its expiration.

The origin of the fire is a mystery, as none of the farm hands ever carried matches or fire near the barn.

Fort Wayne News, Fort Wayne, IN 20 Nov 1894