Huntington, IN Dynamite Explosion, Nov 1894

An Explosion.

Three Workmen at Huntington, Ind., Suffer Horrible Death.

Body Torn To Pieces

One of the Victims Frightfully Mangled--Others Injured.

Buildings Damaged

One Residence Totally Destroyed--Entire City Shaken.

Huntington, Ind., Nov. 9.-A frightful explosion occurred here at 6:30 this morning, and resulted in the death of three men and injury of many more. The dead are: John Hartman, Norton Keefer and John Flynn, all married. The explosion occurred at the Flint Creek sewer, which crosses the entire city from northeast to southwest. The contractors are Henry Keefer, of this city, and Henry S. Hallwood, of Columbus, O. The employees were just going to work. Probably 100 men were in and around the ditch on First Street. Some of them had built a fire on the bank and were thawing out a fifty pound box of dynamite. There was a thunderous crash, and the entire city was shaken. Keefer, Hartman and Flynn were nearest the fire. Hartman was literally torn to pieces. His body was lifted into the air 300 feet and fell on a Market street sidewalk a square away. His legs were blown off near the hips, both arms torn off, his head half torn away and the body completely disemboweled. One of Hartman’s feet were shot through the weather boarding of Frank Windle’s residence. Keefer was not killed outright. His body dropped into the sewer. After he was taken out he recovered consciousness for a moment, but died on the way home in the ambulance. His death was caused by shock, no legs being broken. Flynn’s legs were both broken, his arms broken in several places, and his head crushed. He lived several hours. Every house within ten squares was damaged. The residence of Marion Wilbur was totally destroyed. The building was blown to pieces. Mrs. Wilbur was in bed and was thrown out upon the floor, but escaped without injury.

Fort Wayne News, Fort Wayne, IN 8 Nov 1894