Jefferson, IN Car Works Fire, Mar 1872



Loss $500,000, With an Insurance of $250,000.

Other Fires, With Losses Amounting to $850,000.

LOUISVILLE, March 20.--The Ohio Falls Car Works, at Jeffersonville, Ind., were destroyed by fire this afternoon. The fire was discovered about half past 2 o'clock among the shavings in the planing mill. It is supposed to have caught from a spark from the smoke stack, and spread to the remainder of the works and lumber yard, in the same inclosure{sic}, all of which were consumed. The works were the most extensive and complete of the kind in the country. The buildings alone covered five acres of ground, besides a number of sheds and lumber yards. A large amount of machinery of the finest class, with a large quantity of car material, was in the building. The company employed about 700 men, and did an immense business. They had orders at the time of the fire for two thousand cars; sixteen passenger coaches nearly finished; a number of freight and other cars were burned up in the conflagration. The Works cleared a net profit last year of about $200,000. The loss will reach half a million, with an insurance of about $300,000, mostly in Northern companies. Six hundred and sixty men were in the shops at the time, nearly all of whom lost their tools. Several persons had narrow escapes from death during the fire. One man is missing, and it is feared is burned to death.

The Louisville engine was sent over to help, and two government and one city engine from Jeffersonville, but the dry weather and high wind rendered their efforts useless. The company say they will commence rebuilding immediately.

The original cost of the works was $300,000, but they have been largely extended since.

The missing man is found to be O. H. Phelps, a machinist at the works, whose body was recovered from the ruins tonight. Phelps went back to get his coat, and was overcome by the smoke and heat before he could get out. He came from Michigan three months ago, and leaves a wife and child.

Among the stockholders in the works are Julian Dross, of Texas; James Parkhill and Woods Mabury, of San Jose, Cal.; J. T. Clark and W. A. Clark, of Boston; Margaret N. Ilser and Thos. W. Kittredge, of Baltimore; Dillard Ricketts, of Indianapolis; R. B. McPherson, of Clyde; O.; Elias Smith, of Andover, Mass.; J. B. Thompson, J. Tuckerman, Joseph W. Alsup, Benjamin Hart, George H. Ellery, Edwin Bartlett, W. H. Aspinwall, and W. D. Lavender, of New York.

Later information places the net loss over insurance at $50,000, the total insurance being $249,500. In addition, the car works had policies to the amount of $50,000 on material not destroyed.

Cincinnati Daily Gazette, Cincinnati, OH 21 Mar 1872


Ohio Falls Car Works

This plant was (and is) in Clarksville, not Jeffersonville.

Jefferson Car Works fire 1872

JEFFERSONVILLE INDIANA not Jefferson there is a difference.