Tunnelton, IN Wagon Accident, Oct 1875

Courier Journal newspaper, Louisville, KY - Thursday 28 October 1875

FRANK ALEXANDER, who was formerly a clerk in Dr. Henderson's drug store, accidentally lost his life last Saturday evening near Tunnelton in Lawrence county.

He was in the employ of Col. S. D. Sayles, and was with other hands engaged in loading lumber during the afternoon.

All parties had started for home in a common two-horse wagon, there being seven in all when the accident occurred.

ALEXANDER was sitting on the front seat, having a paner(sic) of crackers and cheese in his lap, which had burst open. He was leaning forward, trying to save them, when the forewheels of the wagon dropped into a chuck hole, pitching ALEXANDER over the front, and he fell immediately under the wheels, and both fore and hind wheels ran over his breast diagonally.

He lived about eight hours in great distress, when death ended his misery.

Burial: Unknown

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