Greensburg, IN Private Plane Crashes, Nov 1993


Greensburg, Ind. (AP) -- Five Michigan men on a weekend hunting trip were killed in a fiery crash Saturday morning when their plane slammed into a farm field about two miles from their destination.
The victims of the crash were:
Corporate pilot WAYNE ADAMS, 28.
JAMES ALLARD, 47, owner and president Omni Engineering in Troy, Mich.
KYLE DAHMS, 29, general manager Omni Engineering in Troy, Mich.
CHRIS HARPER, 26, of Midland, Mich.
DAVID BLOHM, 31, of Saginaw, Mich.
The twin-engine Cessna was preparing to land at the Greensburg Airport, about 40 miles southeast of Indianapolis, shortly before 9 a.m. EST when it plowed into the field and burned. No one on the ground was hurt.
State police said the craft might have been affected by icing, a buildup of ice on the wings that adds weight.
Malcolm Meer, who heard the crash 300 yards away from his farmhouse, said he and two neighbors fought flames and smoke in a futile effort to reach the occupants.
"The cabin was full of smoke. You couldn't see in the windows to see if anybody was inside," he said. "I banged on top of the cabin, we yelled, but there was no noise whatsoever from inside."
When the men tried to open a cockpit door, Meer said the handle broke off. An attempt to yank the door off using a chain attached to a pickup truck also failed.
"We tried working on the doors, but it just smoed up so bad that it forced us back," he said.
Tom Cherry, plant superintendent of Dri-Quick Ovens in Greensburg, said the victims included the top executives of Omni, his company's parent firm, he pilot and two friends from Saginaw, Mich.
Cherry said the group had left Pontiac, Mich., early Saturday morning and was going to go hunting at his relative's farm that afternoon.
"They were to stay overnight and we were going to my place tomorrow," Cherry said.
Cherry was supposed to pick up the men at the Greensburg Airport, but when they didn't show, he went back to his office. An airport worker called him there and told him about the crash.

Logansport Pharos-Tribune Indiana 1993-11-07