Franklin, IN Runaway Accident, May 1896


One Dead and Another Fatally Injured---Horses Scared by a Bicycle.

Franklin, Ind., May 17.---Special Telegram---A serious runaway accident occurred in this city at 6 o'clock this afternoon to the family of Councilman Frank Crowell, in which one life was lost and another may follow. The party had been out driving in a surrey and has stopped to let Mr. Crowell out when the horse took fright at a bicycle and ran away. Mrs. Isaac Crowell, mother of Frank, was thrown out and hurt internally. Her recovery is doubtful. Mrs. Frank Crowell was dragged under the surrey and horribly mangled, thought she is not fatally hurt. Her 1 year old child was killed instantly.

The Daily Inter Ocean, Chicago, IL 18 May 1896