Washington, IN Switchman Humphrey Killed in Yard, Feb 1902

The Washington Gazette newspaper, Washington, IN
28 February 1902; Page 8, Column 7


Switchman Matt Humphreys(sic) Killed In Yards Last Night

He Was The Son of Travelling Engineer Ennis Humphreys And Had Been A Switchman For Some Time

From Friday's Daily.

Matt Humphreys, a B. & O. S. W. switchman, fell beneath a car at the shop yards last night, and was crushed to death. He was applying the brake to the car to stop it when he fell underneath.

The unfortunate young man was a night switchman in the yards. At about 11:40 the crew was doing some switching and Humphreys was sent with a car that was "kicked" off on the Maple Valley switch. Before going he remarked, "It's about eating time. I'll take that car down and then we'll eat." He boarded the car and was at the brake attempting to apply it when his feet slid from under him because of the sleet on top of the car. He fell in front of the car and upon the rail and the car ran upon his body crushing out his life. His skull was cut open by coming in contact with the bolt under the sand board. His shoulder was fractured and his right leg broken. The car stopped upon the body and when the corpse was found thee was considerable difficulty in removing it.

The crew went to the relay to eat lunch and Humphrey's failed to come. A search was begun and at a little before one o'clock the body was found and removed to the depot. It was later taken to Gill's morgue and prepared for burial.

The exact spot where the boy was killed was about 100 yards west of the relay depot and a few feet from the handcar house. The ground underneath the car showed that the body had been dragged under the car for about fifteen feet before the car stopped.