Washington County, IN Fatally Burned by Blazing Brush Heap, June 1908

Brownstown Banner newspaper, Brownstown, IN
Wednesday 10 June 1908; Front Page, Column 5


Young Man Makes His Own Funeral Pyre

CHAS. BORDEN, aged about thirty years, son of JOHN BORDEN, of Washington County, met with a horrible death last Saturday, when he fell in a blazing brush heap.

He and his father were working on Frank LOCKWOOD'S farm in Washington County near Millport. The father was plowing and the son was raking and burning stalks. He was subject to epileptic spells and it is thought he fell into the burning stalks while suffering from an attack of his affliction. When discovered by the father, the son was burned beyond recognition and the entire body was black and charred.

Undertaker PAYNE, of Vallonia, was sent for and prepared the remains as best he could, and the funeral services were held at the White Church in Driftwood Township Sunday.

The young man was well known in the western part of this county, having worked for different farmers in Driftwood Township at various times. He is survived by his wife and two children.