Madison, IN Train Accident Kills Max Cohen, Dec 1887

Seymour Daily Democrat newspaper, Seymour, IN
Thursday 8 December 1887; Page 3, Column 3


A Madison Business Man Killed by the Cars

MAX COHEN, the senior member of the firm of Cohen & Kahn, who conduct an extensive wholesale business at Madison (IN), was a passenger on O. and M. express, No. 3, last night, and when the train arrived at Hardenburg, his destination, he stepped hurriedly from the cars while they were yet in motion, and he was caught between the station platform and the train.

In the crush his back was broken between the lumbar and dorsal vertebrae, his right leg was broken and he received a very severe cut on the back of his head. He was taken up in a semi-conscious condition by the train men and brought to this city, where he was cared for by Marshal Bruning and others, who summoned Dr. M. F. Gerrish to his assistiance, but the unfortunate man died in ten minutes after his arrival here without regaining consciousness.

He was well and confortably dressed and had on his person $57.62 in money, two order books and a number of papers. A large revolver and a silver watch were also found in his pockets.. COHEN was about 30 years of age. He was a married man and leaves a young wife and two small children, a son and a daughter.

In obedience to instructions from his partner, who was comminicated with by telegraph, the remains were cared for and held here, to await the arrival of Mr. Kahn, who will come after them, this evening. From the best evidence that can be obtained, the train men were not to blame, as the death of the unfortunate man was the result of an accident caused by his own want of proper care.


Brownstown Banner newspaper, Brownstown, IN
15 December 1887; Page 5, Column 3


A Wholesale Grocer from Madison Killed at Hardenburg

When No. 3 express on the O. & M. pulled up at the depot at Hardenburg, past Wednesday night, and before it stopped, a Mr. COHEN of the firm Cohen & Kahn, stepped from the train and was caught between the train and platform. Dr. Cerrish(sic) was at once sumoned, but before he arrived the unfortunate man was dead. An examination showed that his back was broken, one leg broken and a bad cut in the head.

Mr. COHEN was a Hebrew, about 30 years of age, well dressed and had on his person about $60. He leaves a young widow and two young children. His body was taken home on Thursday evening by his partner, Mr. Kahn.

It is not probable that any person was to blame for the unfortunate accident except himself. This is another evidence that no person should attempt to get on or off of a moving train.

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