Versailles, IN Child Burned to Death 27 Nov 1862

The Versailles Dispatch newspaper; Versailles, IN
Thursday 27 November 1862; Page 4, Column 1


A Child Burned To death

On last Sunday morning, about nine o'clock, a shocking accident took place in this town. LINDSEY A. SHOOK, a little boy about four years old, son of Mr. David Shook (now absent in the army), while his mother had stept into a neighbors house, it is suppossed approached the stove too close, his clothes caught fire, and was burnt so severely, that he died the same evening.

With his clothes in a blaze the little fellow ran into the street, calling for his Mother. A neighbor, hearing his cries, ran out, took him up and put out the fire of what little clothing was left, and immediately medical assistance was procured but too late, to save the little sufferer, and he expired the same evening about 81/2 o'clock. On Tuesday the remains were consigned to the grave.

While recording the sad catastrophe, we cannot omit to mention, in connection with it, a case of heartlessness, seldom found in a christian community. As soon as a Physician, Dr. Thompson, came to the house, he sent for some Linseed oil, twice was a messanger sent to the same place to prepare some, and although made aware of the facts, the person refused to send any, unless the price of the same was paid down.

We forbear for the present to give names. Messrs. D. E. Carrington and Abiah Folsom, on learning the fact, immediately furnished all that was needed, although too late to save its life. The charitable should be remembered.
following issues of the paper were missing

Lindsey A. Shook - Find A Grave Memorial# 106878639

David E. Carrington - Find A Grave Memorial# 53185912
*this is most probable the man mentioned in the article attempting to help this child
"The charitable should be remembered."