Madison, IN Lineman Comes in Contact with Live Wire, Apr 1941

Madison Courier newspaper, Madison, IN
Friday 18 April 1941; Page 6, Column 1


Lineman Loses Glove, Comes in Contact With Electric Wires

Everett DETRAZ, 25, of Vevay, died at 3:00 a.m. today at the King's Daughters' Hospital following a serious accident yesterday when he came in contact with a high tension wire, near Vevay, while working for the Southern Indiana Light and Power Corporation.

Other linemen working with DETRAZ said he was cutting into lines when his glove slipped off and he touched the power line. He was helpless on the pole for nearly a half hour before he was rescued by his brother, Robert.

He was taken to the hospital suffering from burns that were so severe that he lost his left hand. He also had serious burns on his head, neck, face and the left side of his body.

Everett E. DETRAZ
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