Kokomo, IN Train Wreck, Dec 1889


A Northbound Train Crashed Into by a Southbound Train.

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind., Dec 31. -- A frightful and fatal wreck occurred at Kokomo, Ind., this morning on the panhandle railroad, one mile north of the depot.  Train No. 13, northbound, Conductor Thomas Lamb, left the junction at 2:15 a.m., schedule time.  About a mile north it met train No. 14, southbound, in care of Conductor Noland.  It was running about fifty miles an hour.  The two trains crashed together totally demolishing the engine and burning the baggage-car and coaches of the southbound train, which were tumbled on top of the engine.

The injured were confined to the engine and express and baggage cars.  George Cummings engineer of No. 14, was buried in the wreck and died immediately after being extricated.  Tom McCullough, engineer of No. 13, lies at Clinton house, Kokomo, with his head crushed, and he cannot live.  Baggagemaster J. Kerlin, injured in back and head, died about 9 o'clock.  Thomas Harbor also was hurt seriously. These men all live at Logansport.  Adams express messenger Glant was seriously though not fatally hurt about the body.  Two men named Woods and Webb were badly hurt in the general mix up but no fatally. A number of passengers in the coaches were shaken up badly, but the pullmans escaped, many of the passengers not being wakened.

The cause of the wreck is a mystery. The engineers of both trains are unable to testify, but the general opinion is that the north-bound engine was trying to make a "sneak" to the sidetrack at Jewell, four miles north, to pass No. 14, which was slightly behind time.

Dallas Morning News, Dallas, TX 1 Jan 1890