Plymouth, IN Private Plane Crash, Aug 1959


Plymouth, Ind. - (UPI) - A rented plane nosed into a corn field near Plymouth Sunday, apparently with its throttle wide open, killing four members of a Fort Wayne, Ind., family.
Killed were:
DAVID SHOOK, 20, the pilot;
his wife, DIXIE, 20;
their son, GREGORY, 2;
and SHOOK'S mother, MRS. EVA SHOOK, 60.
A witness said he heard the Cessna 172 circling a wooded section 6 1/2 miles southwest of here.
Farmer Charles Lawrence said the plane suddenly plunged into the cornfield, its engine roaring.
The SHOOKS took off from Fort Wayne for a morning flight to Chicago, but 45 minutes later the plane crashed. Authorities said an examination of the wreckage indicated the throttle was on full power.

The Oshkosh Northwestern Wisconsin 1959-08-31