Austin, IN Train And Auto Collision, May 1957


Austin, Ind. (UP) - A five fatality train-car collision which killed a minister, his wife and 3-year-old daughter and two other persons, boosted Indiana's weekend traffic death toll to at least seven.

It was the third time since Jan. 1 that an Indiana wreck killed five persons.

Victims of the crash on the Pennsylvania Railroad tracks in Austin were:
the REV. ZEB ERNEST BYRGE, 33, pastor of the Church of God at Mitchell;
his wife, MILDRED, 33;
their daughter, DIANE, 3;
MRS. ELLA STRANGE, 60, of Mitchell;
and MISS BETTY TAYLOR, of Mitchell.

The crash came Saturday afternoon when a car driven by the Rev. MR. BYRGE stalled on the crossing.

The five Mitchell victims were attending a religious conference in Austin, at a church only two blocks from the crash scene. They had driven away from the church for a sightseeing tour of the town between sessions of the conference.

The Republic Columbus Indiana 1957-05-06