Henderson, IN Steamer Belmont Wreck, Aug 1884

Ten Persons Drowned.

EVANSVILLE, Ind., August 29.—The transfer steamer Belmont was capsized by the hurricane this forenoon at Stanley’s landing, three miles above Henderson. From ten to fifteen persons were drowned. The vessel was turned completely over. She was going to Henderson with a barge, on which was a train containing the passengers of the Louisville and Nashville railroad. The boat was separated from the barge. All the latter were saved and all on the boat except four or five were lost. Among the lost are CAPTAIN JOHN SMITH, E.C. ROACH & Son, prominent merchants at Evansville; MISS LAURA LYON and sister, SALLIE BRYANT, a teacher here, and her mother, MRS. BRYANT; MRS. WOODTREE of Henderson, and baby. The bodies of the last have been recovered. An unknown woman had a satchel in which was a card with “MISS HATTIE MURRAY, Brookfield, Ala.,” inscribed on it. The boat is a total loss. There were $15,000 marine insurance. The telegraph and telephone wires to Henderson are broken.

The Atlanta Constitution, Atlanta, GA 30 Aug 1884