Fort Wayne, IN Trick Pony in Train Wreck, May 1902

Pony Killed In Wreck

An accident happened last night in the local yards of the Lake Shore railroad that resulted in the killing of a valuable trick pony, the serious injury of JOHN ERD, of Wonewock, Wis., the ruin of two freight cars, and the scattering of a lot of freight. The train was No. 462. It broke in two as it got into the local yards and the sections afterwards came together with a force that crushed the cars almost to kindling wood. Erd and the pony were riding in one of the five cars wrecked and the wreckage of the car was piled up about him and the pony. When extricated it was found that the pony was killed and the man badly bruised about the body, although no bones were broken. He was taken to St. Joseph hospital, where DR. DINNEN attended him. The pony, which is regarded as one of the most valuable animals of its kind in the United States, was crushed and its body was not taken from the wreck for several hours. It was the property of DODE FISK and was on its way to Montpelier, where it was to have been exhibited. The train was in charge of Conductor A.H. FILLMORE and Engineer EDWARD GERRICK. One of the wrecked cars was loaded with ice and another with cement, and the car in which the pony and its attendant were riding was between them. The contents of the two cars are piled in a heap, and the fact that Erd got out alive is miraculous. Another car load of lumber was piled on top of the wreck.

Fort Wayne News, Fort Wayne, IN 13 May 1902