Indianapolis, IN Traction Train - Train Wreck, Sept 1910



Collides With Freight Train, Said to Have Been Unprotected by Lights - Motorman's Condition Uncertain

The inbound "Winona Flyer" on the Indiana Union traction line bumped with terrific force into a south-bound Union traction freight train at College avenue and Thirty-fourth street last midnight. A. B. CLEVELAND, 71 the Blacherne, Indianapolis, a passenger, and CALVIN TAYLOR, the motorman, and BERT TURNER, the conductor, were injured.

Taylor, the motorman, appeared to be seriously injured, and he was so dazed last night he could hardly tell how the accident happened. Seeing the back of the slow-moving freight a few feet ahead of his car, and with the picture of the disastrous Union Traction wreck near Tipton yesterday fresh in his mind, he leaped from the car. He fell, striking his head against the rail of a track, the road there being double-tracked
Turner, the conductor, was standing in the aisle at the time of the collision. He was thrown forward heavily and was seriously bruised, but was not apparently badly hurt.

There were six passengers on the car and most of them had come through from Tipton and had spent much of the time in their trip to Indianapolis talking about that disaster. The little smashup consequently terrified them greatly.

Some of the persons in the neighborhood telephoned the home of DR. W. D. HOSKINS, 3358 Central avenue, and Dr. Hoskins attended the injured carmen. Taylor was taken home in an automobile and Turner was brought in on a traction car. Dr. Hoskins believed Taylor might be seriously hurt.

Turner declared that the freight car displayed no light at the rear, and he said the first he saw of it was when he was close enough to see its shadow from an electric light at Thirty-fourth street. It was running in the same direction as his car, but was not going as rapidly. The passenger car was only slightly damaged, but the second freight car -”the train consisting of two cars - was badly wrecked.

The Indianapolis Star, Indianapolis, IN 25 Sept 1910



CALVIN TAYLOR, 2537 Bellefontaine street, the Indiana Union Traction Company motorman injured in a wreck near Thirty-fourth street Saturday evening, is recovering. Dazed by his fall when he jumped from his car, it was alleged at first Taylor was seriously injured, but his injuries consist principally of severe bruises. His right hip and knee were bruised and he suffered a severe blow on the right cheek bone.

The Indianapolis Star, Indianapolis, IN 27 Sept 1910