Knightstown, IN Traction Car Near Accident, Mar 1913

in knightstown traction car near accident mar 1913


Passengers on Interurban Near Newcastle Panic-Stricken When Collision Seems Inevitable.

KNIGHTSTOWN, Ind., March 21. – Three passengers were seriously and several others slightly hurt in a scramble to leave a T. H. I. & E. traction car near here when a collision seemed inevitable. The badly hurt are:

MRS. SARAH CROSSFIELD, Sixteenth street, Indianapolis; back badly wrenched – and bruised about head and shoulders.

C.D. ELLIOTT, Lexington avenue, Indianapolis; dislocated shoulder; severe bruises.

W.D. HELVEY, VanBuren, Ind.; ankle broken and severe contusions about hips.

The passenger car was proceeding at high speed when a freight car came from the opposite direction, also moving rapidly. As the brakes were applied by the motorman of the passenger car he shouted a warning and there was a scramble to leave the car. In the crush the injuries were sustained.

The two cars were stopped within a few inches of each other without damage. (Illegible) McGuire was conductor and Mack Reynolds motorman of the passenger car. The freight was in charge of by John Herbs. The matter of the two cars coming toward each other on the same track is being investigated.

The Indianapolis Star, Indianapolis, IN 22 Mar 1913