Brazil, IN Central Iron and Steel Co Boiler Explosion Feb 1885

Previous to [1888] there was a disastrously fatal explosion at this place [rolling-mill of the Central Iron and Steel Company, Brazil] on the l0th day of February, 1885. The killed were Mahlon Barker, Robert Davis, Peter Farrel, William Pettit, Lewis Miller, George Miller, James Billeter, the last named surviving his injuries three days. The injured were James Rogers, John Nussel, Thomas Kennedy, Francis Paney, Matthew Mortimer, Thomas Brady, Thomas Hendrix, John Burns, John Daly, Thomas O'Mara, Charles Sage, Thomas Sullivan, Thomas Chilton, Henry Brankstin.

A history of Clay County, Indiana : closing of the first century's history of the county, and showing the growth of its people, institutions, industries and wealth, New York: Lewis Pub. Co., 1909, page 382