Anderson, IN Welding Accident, Oct 1912


Mrs. Watching Workers Repair Trolley Lose Sight Few Hours Later.

Anderson, Ind., October 31.---Nineteen persons were stricken blind as a result of [ineligible] at a light caused by workmen welding with an electrical pro[ineligible]on a trolley wire, according to physicians who were called out of bed to treat the cause. Blindness did not strike some who saw the light until several hours later.

Dr. E. W. Chittenden, a local eye specialist, stated that in each case attended by him the inside of the eyelid was greatly irritated. He gave as his theory that the peculiar rays of light given out by the welding process caused the quick development of bacteria, already lodged in the eye, and blindness resulted.

John Hagel, of Hamilton, Ohio, who is here, visiting his mother, was playing cards in a lodge room when he shoved back his chair and exclaimed "I'm going blind!" He was assisted to the home of his mother. Practically all of the nineteen reported to physicians were kept in dark rooms all day.

The Columbus Enquirer-Sun, Columbus, GA 1 Nov 1912