Fort Wayne, IN Fatal Gasoline Accident, Mar 1917


Mrs. Loraine Succumbs to Terrible Injuries Sustained Thursday.

Mrs. John Loraine, 462 Elizabeth street, is dead following four days of terrible suffering, as a result of burns, sustained Thursday morning when in attempting to revive a fire she mistook a can of gasoline for kerosene, poured it on the smouldering[sic] embers in a cook stove, causing an explosion, which inflicted deep burns over her entire body, which resulted in here death at St. Joseph's hospital shortly before 4 o'clock Sunday morning.

The decedent was rushed to the hospital following the accident and it was at once seen that there was no hope for her. She, however, lingered, until death relieved her sufferings early yesterday morning. Funeral services will be conducted Tuesday morning at 8:30 o'clock at the family home, and at 9 o'clock at St. Peter's Catholic church, followed by interment at Parker cemetery.

The Fort Wayne News, Fort Wayne, IN 12 Mar 1917