Hamilton, IN Fire, Apr 1912

Hamilton Experiences Second Big Fire within Two Months.

Hamilton, Ind., April 16. -- The citizens of Hamilton were again startled by the alarm of fire on Monday afternoon about 2 o'clock and in a short time the home of Mr. and Mrs. N. Baker had been almost totally destroyed. The origin of the fire is not definitely known, but Mrs. Baker had been washing and had a fire in the cook stove and it is thought that a spark flew from the chimney and blew over onto the min roof of the building and was soon fanned into flames by the fierce gale which was blowing.

School was dismissed and teachers and pupils, together with citizens, were soon on the scene of the conflagration and heroically fighting the fiery monster and removing the household goods. While the lower story of the building was not burned, it was damaged to such an extent that it will be necessary to rebuild from the foundation up which they expect to do at once.

The household goods on the lower floor were removed and a part of those on the second, but the flames had gained such headway before being discovered that the heat was too intense and danger too great to attempt to remove all on this floor. The loss will no doubt be $1,500 or more, which is partially covered by insurance.

Owing to the strong wind which prevailed it took strenuous effort son the part of the bucket brigade to save the home of Artemus McClish, just east of the burning building. The residences of Mr. and Mrs. A. T. Sewell was endangered also.

This is the second big fire in Hamilton in less than two months which forcibly demonstrates the fact that our town should have other fire-fighting facilities than the bucket brigade if they would save their property at such times. One thing of which the workers were greatly in need was ladders and it seems that the town should at least be willing to purchase fire ladders which could no doubt be procured at no very great expense.

Fort Wayne Journal Gazette, Fort Wayne, IN 17 Apr 1912