Warsaw, IN Train Derails In Downtown, Apr 1947

Near the Scene of the Derailment


Warsaw, Ind., (AP) -- Only four persons were hurt seriously enough to require hospital attention as the ten cars of the Dearborn limited passenger train of the Pennsylvania Railroad left the tracks at a crossover in the center of Warsaw this morning. All of the 147 passengers were shaken up.
Several of the cars were turned over. Eight of the cars were sleepers. The engine did not leave the rails, but tore loose from the cars and rolled up the tracks for some distance. The double line of rails was torn up for about four blocks.
Most of the passengers were taken back to Columbia City, where they were sent on west to Chicago, on another line.
Railroad workers said the train apparently tore a rail loose at the crossover of the Big Four and New York Central Lines.
The most seriously hurt was HOWARD WYLAND, 43, crossing watchman whose little shanty was destroyed. He suffered apparent back and internal injuries.
Others hurt:
GEORGE R. HARRIS, 50, (5948 S. Parkway) Chicago, diner waiter, hand, knee and head injuries: not serious.
HOWARD L. MORRISON, Columbia City, Ind., brakeman, possible sprained back.
EVELYN HUCHROW, 19, (2212 W. Beldon) Chicago, head and eye injuries; not serious.

The Delta Democrat Times Greenville Mississippi 1947-04-28