Center Point, IN Dynamite Explosion, Mar 1908

On the morning of the 26th day of March, 1908, at the hour of 4 o'clock, the people of Center Point were awakened and shocked by an explosion of dynamite within the business district of the town, of which the damages inflicted were soon located at the Mader building, on West Main street, the west room of which was occupied by Julian Ury's drugstore, the east room by Adam Mader's shoe-shop. The explosive had been. placed under the floor from the west side, two or three feet back of the ground-sill, the force of which blew tip a section of the floor and tumbled down a quantity of drugs, broken bottles, packages, etc., in a promiscuous blending. Damage was done in other parts of the room by fragments of the broken flooring being forced in all directions. In the shoe-shop, on the east side, not much damage was done aside from the breaking of a sewing-machine, upsetting the stove and throwing things into confusion. On the upper floor, occupied as a lodge room, but very little damage resulted. The plate window glasses in front were very badly shattered. Who perpetrated the deed is unknown.

A history of Clay County, Indiana : closing of the first century's history of the county, and showing the growth of its people, institutions, industries and wealth, New York: Lewis Pub. Co., 1909, page 383